Workers’ Compensation.

This coverage, commonly referred to as “workers’ comp,” is a government-mandated program that provides benefits to workers who become injured or sick on the job or as a result of the job. It is effectively a disability insurance program for workers, providing cash benefits, healthcare benefits, or both to workers who suffer injury or illness as a direct result of their jobs.

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Benefits To Your Employees.

Workers’ comp benefits can help:

  • Cover an employee’s medical care and medical treatment
  • Replace most of their lost wages if they take time off from work to recover
  • Provide disability benefits
  • Help to pay for training for new roles if they can’t return to their old position
  • Give death benefits, like helping pay for a funeral, if their death was a due to a work accident or from a job-related illness

Benefits To You, The Employer.

Workers’ compensation policies also include a very important benefit for the business: liability insurance coverage. If your business faces a lawsuit from an injured worker or their families, worker’s comp can help pay for your legal costs.

We can work with you to determine what coverage best fits your needs. We’ll walk you through the process, every step of the way, to make sure you have the protection you need for peace of mind.

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